beicio gogledd cymru / ride north wales


Llandegla Black

Approx. Ride Time: Hrs

Llandegla Black

Skill Level:


Total Distance:

21 Km

Start Point: Coed Llandegla Visitor Centre

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There are a series of black runs (6km) which are accessible only from the Intermediate Route. Together, the red and black routes comprise of 21km of trail. The black runs are predominantly steeper downhill stretches and they have much more challenging technical features.

These sections of trail are designed for mountain bikers who are used to physically demanding routes. They require the use of a good quality, well-serviced mountain bike. They contain long sections of steep, largely stable but unsurfaced trail of 0.6m or greater and include unavoidable obstacles with large steps, gaps and drop-offs. Some timber structures have exposed edges and a trail width of only 1 metre, and there are sections of steep, technically challenging climbs.

For experienced bikers only.


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